Port Douglas & The Daintree

Bloomfield Track

Heading south from Cooktown we could have stayed on the sealed inland road, but opted instead to take the Bloomfield track. The Bloomfield runs alongside the coast and provides some of the most spectacular panoramic views.

The road is unsealed but had recently been graded so it was an easy drive. The track covers some of the steepest gradients to be found in the country along with tight hairpin bends, which made for some interesting towing. Fortunately there hadn’t been any rain as it would have been difficult when slippery.

The water levels in the river crossings were low so there was no issue there. We stopped at Cape Tribulation for some lunch before continuing down to Daintree River Ferry. We didn’t have to wait long and were loaded quickly. The price for car and trailer one way was a very reasonable $19, especially when compared to the Jardine river ferry crossing.


The next day we double backed a little to check out the World Heritage Listed area of the Daintree, where ancient rainforests reach all the way to the edge of the ocean. We had seen this for ourselves driving through the day before but decided to do a river cruise to take a closer look.

We cruised down the river and spotted a few big crocs before looping around a small island and returning up the river. Occasionally stopping to see more crocodiles, or some of the unique flora that grows along the river.

After the cruse we headed into the small township of Daintree and headed for the Daintree Hotel for lunch where we were both impressed with the high quality of the food.

Next we headed down to Mossman Gorge recognised as the oldest continuously surviving rainforest on earth. A short bus ride from the visitor center drops you off at the entrance to the Gorge Circuit Walk, an easy 4km trail that is punctuated with several swimming holes and lookout points.

All in all it was a very pleasant way to spend the day and could easily be done as a day trip from Cairns.

Port Douglas

We checked out the beach before having a wander through the main street of town. A vibrant bustling place full of happy tourists and the usual assortment of upscale boutiques, bars, cafes and ice-cream shops. We happened to be there when the Variety Club Bash rolled into town. These guys left Craigieburn in Melbourne in the 30+ year old motors almost two weeks ago and had travelled via an inland route to arrive in Port Douglas in their eccentrically decorated cars.

We were having lunch when Craig bumped into one of the guys he used to work with who was participating in the Bash. We had a quick beer before letting him return to the Bash celebrations.

To end the day we wandered over to the Marina. There are a few shops and restaurants here, but most of our time was spent ogling the big yachts and dreaming.



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