Homeward Bound

We arrived in Coffs Harbour in the late afternoon, passing the Big Banana on the way in. We booked into the caravan park and wandered down the road to the Hoey Moey for dinner and a couple of quiet drinks.

The next morning we headed down to the Coffs Harbour Surf Lifesaving Club for breakfast. Emma has been hanging out for the banana pancakes since our last visit three years ago. Fortunately they were as good as she remembered. We sat on the deck overlooking the ocean, watching the sunrise in the sky as we ate. Appetites sated we walked back to camp.

We loved our last visit to Coffs Harbour and were tempted to stop for a few days to visit again. We knew the wales were about if we wanted to do a cruise, a definite highlight of our last visit. The harbor is very pretty, as is the walk on Muttonbird Island. Another highlight of our previous visit was the Dolphin Marin Magic park where we were ‘kissed’ by seals and dolphins and were able to touch the dolphins (they kind of feel like a neoprene wetsuit). However now that we’d made the decision to head back to Melbourne we were focused on that goal and decided to hit the road again.

Apart from hitting a little bit of traffic as we skirted around Sydney it was a pretty uneventful day of driving. Arriving in Goulburn at around 5:30pm.

As the tent was thoroughly dried when we packed up that morning we’d stripped the bed and decided to stay in an onsite van for our final night on the road rather than risk having to pack up a wet. After a few phone calls we discovered that it would be cheaper to stay in a hotel room than a caravan park so we checked in at the Astor Hotel. The room was basic but clean and we headed down to the hotel for dinner. It appeared that the hotel had recently been renovated. We had a great meal but were both tired after a long day of driving and knowing we had another big day ahead of us the next day we went back to the room and for the first time in 9 months watched TV in bed.

Some clown was making a racket at 4:30 the next morning slamming doors loading things in his car. As we were awake we figured we might as well make an early start. We showered and packed up our stuff and took it down to the car and walked across the road to a café for bacon rolls and coffee. It was still dark as we pulled out but were soon greeted by the sun as we passed the Big Merino on our way out of town.

After a couple of big days driving we were both pretty tired so were swapping drivers every couple of hours on our last day. We were both a little bit melancholy to see the end of the trip but conversely were both very much looking forward to being home.

We rolled into Em’s parents house mid-afternoon and flaked. We were so tired we didn’t even have any celebratory drinks until the next day!

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