Craig & Emma

Hi we’re Craig and Emma.  We’re preparing to embark on a trip around Australia.  We’re currently saving hard and counting down to our leaving date – Christmas 2014.

Living in northern Melbourne, somehow our lives had turned into work, work and more work.  Then one day, after talking about what we’d like to do when we retire, Emma asked the question – why don’t we go now?  That was it, the seed was sown and the beginning of years of planning, researching and saving.

Craig - Blue Mountains
Craig – Blue Mountains

Craig is a forty-something Pozzie (part Pom, part Aussie).  He made the permanent move to Australia ten years ago

Emma - Kangaroo Island
Emma – Kangaroo Island

Emma is a thirty-something Aussie, with an urge to explore this amazing country




Em & Craig, Christmas

So join us as we travel around this amazing country and hopefully we will inspire you to get out there and have your own adventure.

2 thoughts on “Craig & Emma

  1. Happy travels around Oz folks! So good that you seized the day and set the plans in motion. I hope to actually do the whole lap one day too, rather than just bits and pieces.

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