Packing List: First Aid & Medications

We have decided to pack a fairly comprehensive first aid and medications kit.  There’s no point being in a beautiful remote location if you can’t enjoy it because your hayfever is playing up and there’s no allergy medication.  As we will be hours away from any shops on a regular basis we had better be able to look after ourselves.

First Aid Kit

IMG_2944We have upgraded our first aid kit to the ‘off-road kit’ from the RACV, but we’ve seen similar ones in BCF and Rays.

This kit comes fully stocked with bandages, dressings, eye wash, emergency blanket, cold pack and eye wash. Basically all the items you might need to take care of cuts, scrapes, burns, snake bites and other accidents that are likely to happen.

Hopefully we won’t need to use anything more than a couple of band-aids.

Our old kit is a small soft pack that just has the basics.  It will be ideal for throwing in the day pack for hikes.


In addition to the first aid kit we also carry our “medicine cabinet” consisting of:

  • Pain Killer – paracetamol and or ibuprofen – eg Neufoen
  • Allergy Medication – antihistamine – eg Claratyne
  • Antiseptic cream – eg Detol and Savlon
  • Diarrhoea treatment – Imodium
  • Sore throat medication – Strepsils
  • Cold & Flu treatment – Lemsip
  • Decongestant – Sudafed
  • Fluid replacement – Hydralyte
  • Indigestion – Gaviscon
  • Suncream
  • Aftersun
  • Insect repellent – Aeroguard
  • Insect bite treatment – Stingoes


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