Kangaroo Island: Part 4

The final days of our KI adventure.

We didn’t have much planned for New Years Eve.  Then a rent-a-van turned up in camp looking for a place to stay the night.  The camp hosts were out so they looked in on our camp.  We immediately set out with calls of ‘no way, what are you doing here!’.  It was our neighbour from our old house.  The camp hosts had see their van driving in and had turned around to chat to the late comers.  They were explaining that the camp was fully occupied and were turning them away.

We invited them to park on our pitch.  We moved our car onto Emma’s parents camp, so that Tony and Rachel could fit next to our camper.

With the 6 of us, things soon turned into a party. Being the noisiest (or only noise makers) in the park drew others and we were soon joined by a couple who were cycling around the island.  It must have been a fabulous night, as we started out 2015 with a proper hangover.

That didn’t matter, we still had to move camp.  It took us over 2 hours to pack everything as we were both moving at half speed.


Saying farewell to Rocky River, we headed out to Western River Cover.  The sun came out giving us our warmest day on the island.  Stopping to take a walk on the beach and explore the rock pools, we both agreed that this was the best cove or bay we had seen on the island.DSCF0448

Continuing along the North Coast Road we made our way to Stokes Bay and had lunch at the Rockpool Cafe.  Taking a narrow awkward path through the rocks and squeezing through some narrow and low gaps, we emerged onto the beach.  Here is a beautiful beach with a natural rock pool providing a shallow and protected rock pool ideal for kids to play in.  We walked the length of the beach before returning to the car and driving to Kingscote.

Scenic view along North Coast
Scenic view along North Coast

Pelican Feeding

Every night at 5pm the pelicans are fed at Kingscote.  For $5 you can sit and watch.








Our last night on the island, we stayed at Kingscote caravan park.  As we knew we’d be packing up again in the morning we didn’t bother setting up the kitchen to cook (besides we were low on supplies) so opted for a pub dinner.  Seated at a window table we all gazed at the view.  Still feeling a little rough from the previous nights indulgence we didn’t have a drink, but did enjoy the food and indulged in the ‘Oh Baby’ desert.

Oh Baby - profiteroles with ice-cream and Kangaroo Island honey
Oh Baby – profiteroles with ice-cream and Kangaroo Island honey





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