Rottnest Island

Come on she said. Let’s hire some bikes she said. It’ll be fun she said.

She was right!

We got a package deal that saw us picked up from our accommodation and delivered to the port in time for the 8am departure from Perth. The boat cruised down the Swan river and we relaxed, taking in the scenery.

Then the captain announced that the navy was going to use us as training to board a moving vessel. We watched as their craft approached ours before matching our speed. We couldn’t see the commando’s climb on board until they crested the top of the ladder. They then made their way back downstairs and returned to their boat. They repeated this a couple of times before we got to Freo to collect the remaining passengers. Sure made for an interesting cruise!

After Freo we made the crossing to Rottnest in around 30 minutes.

We collected our pushbikes at the jetty and set off around the island. It’s true what they say, you never forget how to ride a bike. Although to be honest we were both a little wobbly to begin with.

We made the short loop to the Bathurst lighthouse and around to Geordie Bay where we grabbed an ice-cream to cool off. We’d only done 5km’s. This was our first encounter with the quokka’s. These little marsupials are absolutely adorable and very curious. They were not timid at all as they approached us.


After collecting ourselves we headed inland this time past the pink lakes and their stinky aroma and onwards to our second lighthouse at Wadjemup. It was an uphill struggle and we were both pretty tired. We finally started the downhill cruise when Emma suddenly stopped and held her hand in the air. Craig slowed to a stop and was about to ask what the matter was when he noticed the snake disappear into the bushes. If Emma hadn’t stopped and held her hand up Craig would probably have ridden right over it! We rode in the centre of the road for the remainder of this road to the beach.

We picnicked on sandwhiches and snacks that we’d brought with us. Enjoying the cool breeze and peace of the waves lapping against the sand at Little Salmon Bay.

Heading back towards the harbor was mostly down hill and we enjoyed the cooling breeze. Pausing to look at a display about the aboriginal heritage of the island a couple more quokka’s came over to check us out. These guys are simply adorable.


We finally made it back to the harbor and prompty headed for the pub for a couple of well deserved beers. We had managed to cycle around 15kms without incident. Seeing that Craig hadn’t been on a bike for over 25 years we thought that was a pretty good effort.

By the time we were ferried back to the mainland and bussed back to our accommodation it was a pretty long and exhausting day. We’d recommend you get yourself to Fremantle and catch the ferry from there for a shorter journey.




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