Sailing on The Shotover

Wildlife Cruise

We took a cruise on the Shotover one afternoon. Departing from Monkey Mia, Craig volunteered to assist with raising the sail as we sailed out of the bay.

The catamaran cruised out to the sea-grass beds where the dugongs live. It took some time, but one was finally spotted. Although its appearance was so brief that Craig only spotted its head and Katy spotted its fluked tail and Emma missed it altogether.

There were plenty of dolphins to be seen and we were lucky enough to have prime position on the bow to watch one riding on the bow wave of the boat.

Although we didn’t see a great deal of wildlife due to the overcast weather reducing visibility, we had a very enjoyable time on the water.

This was followed up with spotting a green turtle from the pier when we returned.

Sunset Cruise

A free sunset cruise is offered with the Shotover and we readily accepted and booked it for the day after our wildlife cruise.  We packed a bottle of wine and some snacks to take onboard.

Craig once again volunteered to hoist the sails and we were away. Although not a spectacular sunset it was still a very relaxing and enjoyable way to end the day and the cruise was over before we knew it.


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