The last 100km’s of the Gibb River Road from El Questro into Kununurra is sealed road, a somewhat anticlimactic ending to our adventure

We found a caravan park and were issued a site right on the lakefront. Craig soon had the trailer jacked up and was off into town to find a repairer for the spring shackles.

Em stayed in camp and phoned around planning and booking the next couple of weeks.  We were heading into peak tourist season and many places were starting to book out.

At around 4 o’clock in the afternoon we had a visit from the local fresh water crocodile. Apparently every evening he comes over and hangs out by the site before moving over to the boat ramp and then back out into the lake again.

The sky soon started fading and the lake reflected the amazing colours. Unexpectedly the largest colony of bats we’ve ever seen were flying across the sky. They clouded the sky for as far as the eye could see. It was a truly awesome spectacle.

The next day Craig collected the new spring shackles and had both sides installed within 15 minutes.

The rest of he day was spent washing clothes and food shopping before returning to camp in time to see our crocodile mate come for another visit at 4pm like clockwork.


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