Lake Argyle

We left camp at Springy Creek bright and early as we had an appointment to keep. After a brief stop at Warmun roadhouse for fuel and a surprisingly good coffee we had an uneventful drive back to Kununurra. We sailed back through town and continued on for another half an hour in to Lake Argyle.

Lake Argyle is a man made lake. In fact, it is actually classed as an inland sea it is so big. The dam, 335m long and 98m high was completed in 1971. The surrounding area was flooded and filled to capacity within a couple of wet seasons.

Apart from the Ord River irrigation scheme which has never fulfilled its potential, the water is also used to generate electricity for the Argyle diamond mine.

The lake is now home to an estimated 25,000 freshwater crocodiles and many species of birdlife.

We checked in at the Lake Argyle Resort and were informed that the special that night was a roast. We quickly took up the offer and booked a place.

After setting up camp we were back at reception to catch the bus out to the water for our sunset cruise. We were glad we had booked ahead as the tour was sold out.  Setting sail we soon stopped and spotted some of the local wildlife, freshwater crocs, some of the birds and some kangaroos that were marooned on the islands when the waters rose, but have remained and survived.

Then it was time to go for a swim. We were provided with some pool noodles and jumped into the water. The crew then threw cans of beer (or passed out plastic cups of wine). The water was surprisingly warm.

Snacks were served on deck and we dried off and headed back towards the shore as the sun went down. The water reflecting back the magnificent colours of the sunset. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Once back on land we were promptly bussed back to the resort.

There was live entertainment and we enjoyed a couple of drinks as we were waiting for our dinner. There was a slight snafu with our meals when desert came out first, but it was quickly rectified.

The food was terrific and the atmosphere was fun and we headed back to camp sharing laughter with some camping neighbours who had been dancing all night.

We were regretful that only had time for a one night stay as we’d had such a great time and hadn’t had the chance to swim in their amazing infinity pool.  However we were on a schedule so we topped up with fuel before leaving and thirty minutes later found ourselves at the Western Australia / Northern Territory Border.


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