Humpty Doo Hotel

The (world famous) Humpty Doo Hotel can be found on the Arnham Highway in Humpty Doo, which is about 40kms from Darwin and a convenient spot on the way to Kakadu.


Not sure whether it was by design or coincidence that we were passing though right about lunch time so we stopped for a swift beer and a bite to eat. Craig went for a cheese and bacon hamburger while Emma went for the triple mini-burger combo.

We placed our order and found a table. We didn’t have long to wait before the beeper went off to collect our food.

Emma’s mini burgers weren’t so mini. The buffalo burger was quite peppery and dry as there was no sauce. She tried the crocodile burger. The white crocodile meat tasted a bit like fish, but again had no sauce and found to be too dry. The barra burger likewise was plain and dry and the whole combo was disappointing.

Craig’s burger also had no sauce and was very dry.

We left feeling very disappointed by the whole experience, wondering what exactly the hotel was famous for.

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