The Devils Marbles

We drove the 462km from the Ayres Rock Resort and landed back in Alice Springs.  We had a couple of days here doing the usual restocking of groceries etc. We were glad to discover that we were in town for the Todd St Markets on Saturday morning where checked out the craft stalls.

We headed up to the Telegraph Station where there is a large grass area perfect for picnics. We were feeling lazy so didn’t bother with entering the historical reserve or any of the nearby walking trails.

There are still plenty of things to do in the centre that we plan on coming back to, such as Chambers Pillar, the East MacDonald Ranges and Lamberts Centre of Australia, but we were tired from the dry arid air and the range of temperatures from freezing over night to sweating during the day so a couple of days later we were on the road again heading north.

Our first stop was at Aileron to see the Big Man. The guy in the roadhouse was really friendly but unfortunately the coffee was terrible. We skipped the walk up the hill to see the big man up close. The cultural centre where the big woman and child were located was closed so we jumped in the car and headed off again. Just as we were pulling out we spotted a couple of camels in the bush. This was our fist sighting of wild camels.

A few more hours up the road and we arrived at Karlu Karlu, better known as the Devils Marbles. We set up camp for the bargain price of $3.30 each per night before heading off to explore the amazing rock formations. Of course we had to do a couple of silly poses too.

As the sun neared the horizon we went for another walk to view the brilliant orange and red colours of the rocks as they were bathed in the final light of the day.

Our neighbours made an early exit the next day, which woke us, so we decided we may as well get an early, start too. We packed down as the first light creeped into the sky before driving off just as the sun peeked over the horizon, once again highlighting the rocks in unusual light.

We headed north stopping briefly at Tennant Creek for breakfast before continuing on to Three-Ways and taking the right turn eastwards. Another five and half hours or driving through some pretty flat plains we finally arrived at the Queensland border.

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