Trip Stats

Hit The Toad’s 2015 Australian Road Trip Stats


290 Days or 9 and a half months on the road from December 2014 to October 2015.

39,134km of road driven in our trusty Pajero

90 – the number of times we set up and packed down camp

5970 litres of diesel

average cost of $1.495 per litre.

most expensive fuel $2.20 at Hermansburg  NT on 26 July

cheapest fuel $1.219 in Coffs Harbour NSW on 7 October

$8,906 total spent on fuel

Averaged 15.23Ltrs per 100kms (combined towing and without)


Coldest temperature was -5 celsius in Alice Springs on 20 July

Hottest day was in Norseman WA on 21 January when it hit 45 degrees.


We travelled by 10 modes of transport over the course of the year: car, train, plane, on foot, helicopter, sky rail, ferry, push-bike, sailboat.


We drove through 6 of Australia’s states and territories (the ACT and Tasmania will just have to wait)

We loved it and would go again in a heartbeat


3 thoughts on “Trip Stats

  1. If you plan on doing Tassie one day, stay for at least 6-8 weeks. A lot of stuff to do down here, so much so that some people just aren’t aware and they try and do Tassie in one or two weeks. Not possible. Best time would be between mid October through to April, or even May. Us Taswegians think anytime of the year is perfect though. Be prepared for up to $2K for the boat over though, but remember petrol, while not cheap, you don’t use as much to travel around, as places are closer together. My partner is ‘Tassie Photographer’ on fb, so check his page out for some stunning shots from around Tasmania.



  2. Thanks Deb. Yes we certainly plan on getting to Tassie again at some point, although it will be a while before we can get enough time off again :-/ We did a two week trip along the east coast nearly 15 years ago and have had a couple of short visits to Hobart, but would love to check out the more remote areas. Will definitely be checking out the fb page. Thanks again.

  3. Brings back a lot of memories, I did 3 trips round the big yard in the late 70’s, love to do another in the next few years 🙂 I can well imagine you had a ball and loved every minute of it… to go thru the million and 1 photos !!!!

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