No Fixed Address

After a very tiring Saturday packing all our belongings into boxes, which had been preceded by a stressful week of doing the same every night after work, all our belongings had just been loaded onto a truck leaving a mostly vacant house and somewhat bewildered Emma and Craig.

Shit Just Got Real!

There wasn’t much time to examine that tingly feeling in our stomachs’ as we jumped in the car and followed the removal truck down the road to the storage unit.  The guys then managed to stack all our belongings into the tiny room.  We’re guessing they were tetris experts back in the day as there’s no way we would have been able to get all that stuff into that room.

Our Life Packed Up In Boxes
Our Life Packed Up In Boxes

The rest of Sunday was spent collecting a few things that we’d need for work the next day and we headed to Emma’s parents place.

Work on Monday was followed by another trip to the house to collect more stuff.

Tuesday was the Melbourne Cup Day Holiday and we spent it taking furniture to the tip, throwing rubbish out, cleaning and finishing off some maintenance.

It took another two nights of rubbish removal and cleaning before we handed the keys to the house over to the real estate agent.  There was not really any sadness to say goodbye to the house after two very tiring and stressful weeks, it was more like relief.

We are now of no fixed address, homeless landlords.

Emma had some good news when her leave application was approved after several worrying months of delay.  Craig has given notice at his work.  Although there are a still few things to sort out, it feels like we’ve crested the hill and now just rolling through the next month, counting down to departure day.  We have passed the point of no return and can start to look forward to the trip again after the frenetic activity of the last month.




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