Sealink Ferry

The ferry service to KI is run by Sealink.


The cost to take your car across to the island is EXPENSIVE.  We’ve been told that it is possibly the most expensive ferry per kilometre travelled in the world!  The price is based on number of passengers plus vehicle and in our case, plus trailer too.

The crossing itself takes only about 30 minutes.  On the crossing over the water was a little choppy, but was OK.  The return journey was on a beautiful calm sunny day.

Craig had been worried about having to reverse the trailer onto the ferry, however both times he was able to drive on, around circumference of the car area and drive out forwards again at the other end.  The guys controlling the loading of the cars have it down to a fine art and direct the drivers of each car so that they are parked extremely close so as to waste little space.

So is it worth the cost?  YES we think so.  The island is just one stunning vista after another.  We spent 10 days on KI (see part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4) and are still yet to explore the tourist attractions like the vineyards, honey, lavender or cheese farms.

Seadragon sculpture at Penneshaw ferry port


Driving onto the ferry at Cape Jervis



Being guided off the ferry at Penneshaw
Being guided off the ferry at Penneshaw


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