Ceduna is the last town of any size on the journey west to Perth across the nullabor plain.  We could have just topped our food and water supplies and started the nullabor crossing, but decided that we should have a meal out to celebrate Emma’s birthday.  So we popped into the pub and reserved a table for that night before checking in to the caravan park and setting up the camper.

We walked around town visiting the tourist information centre and collecting some info on the nullabor, stocking up on food supplies and having a wander out on the jetty, before having a quiet afternoon in camp.  It was a bit weird as our site was located on the property perimeter marked by a chain wire fence.  When people we walking down the street they looked at us sitting in our chairs and made us feel like we were part of some kind of zoo exhibit.  Quite unnerving.

Ceduna Foreshore Hotel


We scrubbed up and put on our nicest threads before crossing the road to take our table.  We were glad that we had reserved a table as the places was super busy.  It turned out that the Ceduna Calcutta Cup race had been run that day and everyone was at the pub to continue the celebrations.

The bruschetta we had ordered as a starter came out in reasonable time and was fresh and tasty.

IMG_3084Before we had finished the starter the mains were delivered to our table.  Craig ordered a steak, but it was tough and fatty and he did no enjoy it.  Emma ordered chicken and it was dry and tasteless.  Needless to say we were both very unimpressed with food and service.

IMG_3086 IMG_3087

After the lack ouster meal we moved to the public bar and had a few more drinks, enjoying the atmosphere of revelry before calling it a night.



2 thoughts on “Ceduna

    1. We spent over a week relaxing at Lucky Bay, but we didn’t visit Cape Arid. We’re enjoying the south coast of WA and definitely looking forward to getting up North. Might see you there! – Emma

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