Streaky Bay

We rolled into Streaky Bay township at around lunchtime and headed straight to the Tourist Information Centre where we picked up some info on things to do in the area and where we could camp for the night.

We decided that we’d had had enough of caravan parks for a while and opted for the bush camping at Tractor Beach about 15 minutes out of town.  There was only one other camp there when we arrived so we chose a spot and set up before heading off to do the scenic drive around the Westall Way Loop.

Westall Way Loop

This has some amazing spots to stop for beach access or just scenic outlook.









Cape Bauer Loop

The next day we tried the Cape Bauer scenic loop.  The main attraction on this loop is the whistling rocks and the blow holes.  We must have been there when the tide was on the way out as the blow holes were not very spectacular and there was no whistling to be heard as it was an extremely still day.  Never mind.

DSCF0826 DSCF0832 DSCF0837

Murphy’s Haystacks

Murphy’s Haystacks are a rock formation.  The name apparently came from an American tourist who saw their silhouette in a field and thought that they were extremely large haystacks.  The bus driver overhead this and the name stuck.  They are located inland on private land and were happy to pay the $2 per person entry fee.

DSCF0859 DSCF0857 DSCF0852


Streaky Bay Hotel

The local pub has a fantastic outdoor deck area that overlooks the jetty.  We stopped for a couple of drinks and had a meal one lunch time.  We both opted for the traditional burger which was huge and came with a small portion of chips. It was very nice and highly recommended.




On our second night at Tractor Beach we noticed some small mice in the surrounding shrubs.  Emma freaked out a bit and then stamped her feet loudly to scare them off and forgot about it.  Later on that night we were messing about with the camera to try and take some night photos of the sky as we had an amazingly clear night.  (None of them worked – we need to check the manual on how to work the camera)  Before going to bed we closed up the kitchen as there was a chance of some rain coming through later that night.

The next morning when the kitchen was opened we found that the rubber seal had been chewed out leaving small flakes of black rubber!  Nothing we could do about it right at that point in time, so we put the billy on.  While sitting down enjoying out breakfast we watched the culprit scurry out of the trailer and climb/fall back down to the ground and run away!  At least we knew it wasn’t in there any more!  Fortunately all our food is kept in sealed plastic tubs so it didn’t get into anything.  It’s just left Craig with another maintenance job to do as now the tailgate is no longer watertight.


Despite the little incident with the mouse we both really liked the Streaky Bay area and town.





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