We checked ourselves into a caravan park in Albany as we needed to give the battery a boost following some overcast weather. Our first day was just running some errands and checking out the shops in town. We treated ourselves to lunch out and had a great chicken tandoori pizza while watching the world go by on the main street.

Saturday Farmers Market

We were back in town on Saturday morning to check out the local farmers market. There was loads of great, fresh produce of every variety. Emma bought a jar of honey having not replaced it since crossing the border, but we’d done our grocery shop the day before (D’oh!) so didn’t buy anything else.

Discovery Point

We thought we’d check out Discovery Point after reading one of their brochures. Unfortunately the brochure didn’t mention the entry fees and when we got there we baulked at paying the $15 each entry fee. There were three parts to the attraction, the section on the whaling station may have been interesting but we weren’t bothered with paying to see the ‘native botanical gardens’ and ‘native wildlife centre’ that we interpreted as being the same as the wildlife we’d been seeing while staying the bush.


Instead we drove around the scenic lookouts in the nearby Torndirrup National Park.

Kangan River Cruise

We really enjoyed the Kangan river cruise. It was the first ‘touristy’ thing we’d done for a while. The Captain provided interesting information and historical background information of the area along with some entertaining stories and jokes.

The boat cruised around the harbor and we spotted wildlife from stingrays (through the glass bottom boat), pelicans, sea eagles and osprey before travelling up river to a vineyard for some wine tasting followed by home-cooked damper along with tea and coffee on the boat for the return journey.

National ANZAC Centre

The ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) centre was recently opened in Albany. Albany was selected as the location as it was here that all troops were mustered before the convoys of boats set sail for Europe for the first world war.

It is a modern interactive display. Along with an audio guide we were each given a card to be scanned at locations throughout the museum to display what our bloke was doing. Craig’s was a senior officer who ended up designing many of the post war memorials. Emma’s was a medic who initially served in the relative safety of hospitals before taking on the dangerous role of stretcher-bearer on the front line. They both made it through the war and home again.

We stopped at a couple of the lookouts on the way back down the hill taking in the view of the amazing natural harbor.



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