Denmark – Part 1

Denmark is a bustling little town located on the south coast of WA where the Denmark River enters the Southern ocean.

There are many tourist attractions in the area, and we passed by many such as the Maze, Dinosaur museum, Meadery and wineries. However we did explore some of the others.

The Denmark River


The Toffee Factory

The toffee factory actually produces and sells a range of toffee, ciders, icecreams and conserves.

We drooled over the array of toffee before selecting a selection along with some peanut brittle and licorice.

Moving onto the ciders we tried a few varieties. Craig liked the scrumpy which was similar to the English variety. Emma tried the chilli infused but didn’t think it was to her taste, deciding that the apple & pear variety was her preferred. All the ciders were much less sugary than the popular commercial varieties like strongbow.

Their conserve and preserves range is called ‘A Bit On The Side’ and we liked the sound of many of them, but the bottles were too large for us to use and store so we limited ourselves to a single jar of mixed berry jam.

After completing our purchase we grabbed an ice cream and relaxed in the ‘cider garden’ which was a nice grassed area shaded by a large umbrella. There were some play equipment for kids, but as there were no children about, it was quiet as we relaxed in the sun.

Boston Brewery

The brewery is located on site at a vineyard as they also produce a range of wines.


It was Craig’s turn so he ordered a pint of English Style Mild that the bar tender said was closest to an English Real Ale.  We ordered lunch of pizza and a side of chips and found a beer bench in the shade of an umbrella and took in the views.

The food arrived and was fresh and tasty and we’d soon eaten the lot. Enjoying the atmosphere Craig opted for another pint, this time their Australian Larger which he enjoyed but preferred the first.

The Lake House

Following the nav’s directions through windy dirt roads we finally arrived at the Lake House. Another winery nestled beautifully into the hills with the cellar door and restaurant overlooking a lake.

They also produce a range of conserves and preserves. We tasted a few and decided to grab a tomato and riesling relish and an indian-tomato white wine sauce.

Of course it would be rude not to taste their wines too, so of course we did.

Swiss Chocolate


We got to sample the chocolate buds that are imported from Switzerland before being melted down and turned into mouth-watering delectable bites of heaven before ordering a hot chocolate each and a slice of cake to share.

The hot chocolate served as a cup of hot milk and a side of the chocolate buds that you tip into the milk and stir until dissolved to create a rich and creamy drink.

Taste buds were salivating over the selection of chocolate liquors, sauces and other products to accompany chocolate, like the tawny port, but we restricted ourselves to a couple of chocolate truffles each to take away before we completely blew the budget.


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