Parry’s Beach

Located 23km’s west of Denmark is Parry’s Beach. We based ourselves here while exploring the surrounding area. The campground here is run by a group of volunteers. As there are no wages to pay this keeps the rates for visitors to a minimum. At the time of our stay we only paid $10 per night.

The facilities here include flushing toilets and solar heated showers. We should have followed the lead of the grey nomads who would be seen with toiletries in hand and towel over their shoulder at around 2pm. This was obviously prime time for hot water. We however tended to shower later in the day when there was no hot water left.


Bins are provided for the disposal of rubbish, however there is no potable water provided, so you need to bring your own. There is a restriction on vehicle height due to the tree branches.  All the sites at this campground are well shaded, making it a bit tricky for us to get enough sunlight to power the fridge.

The camp also provides fire pits and wood. The first night that the fire ban was lifted the smell of smoke and sound of crackling timber began wafting through camp as the sun set. It seemed everyone was enjoying the warmth and atmosphere of a camp fire.


There was limited phone signal in camp, but we had enough to receive the occasional text message. The best place to get signal was out the front where there were a couple of barbeques and park benches.  It was a bit of a pain, but better than nothing.

Parry Beach itself is not particularly pretty, but is popular with fishermen. There were quite a few people wandering down with fishing poles in hand. This beach is also compact enough to drive on so there were a few taking their 4WD onto the beach to try their luck further around.


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