Denmark – Part 2

After all the calorific activities in Denmark Part 1, we thought we better do some walking and check out some of the natural attractions in the area too.

Tree Top Walk

The tree top walk is located in the Valley of the Giants between Walpole and Denmark. This very special forest is made up of giant Red Tingle Trees. These trees are unique to this area alone and can grow to monstrous heights but have very shallow root systems. They can be affected by bush fire and fungal growth that rots out the centre of the tree leaving a large hollow base.

The tree top walk is a steel platform that has been constructed to suspended 40 meters in the air amongst the tree canopy.  Although very sturdy on the pillars the swaying of the walkways between them is a little disconcerting!

After the tree top walk we took a wander around the forest floor pathway where we could see the trails of the quokka, but none of the actual animals.

There is a reconstruction of a tingle tree that used to grow in the area that had a hollow large enough to drive a car in. Unfortunately it was so popular that the constant traffic around the tree crushed its fragile roots and the tree died.

Elephant Rocks

This formation of rocks is supposed to look like a herd of elephants walking into the sea. Not sure about that but the beach is nice enough.

A short walk around from the Elephant Rocks is Greens Pool, a collection of shallow water pools amongst the rocks and another stretch of beach. This looked like the locals preferred beach as it was quite busy when we were here.

Conspicuous Cliffs

A nice beach, but we didn’t think the cliffs were that spectacular.

Peaceful Bay

A popular fishing spot. There were quite a few 4WD’s on the beach and the bay housed a number of boats, but the beach itself was a bit seaweedy and smelly.



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