Margaret River – The Wineries

We contemplated joining one of the organised tours in the area, but in the end we decided against it.   Instead Craig was to be Emma’s driver for winery day and vice versa for a brewery day.

Swings & Roundabouts


We started off with ‘Swings and Roundabouts’. Chosen as this is one of Craig’s frequent phrases. The wine tasting was nice but we didn’t fancy the pizza they had on offer for lunch so moved on.


Next stop was ‘Laurance’. The entrance to this site is very grand with a large curving driveway alongside a large lake home to the “chick on a stick” sculpture. Parking up we walked inside. The entrance hall houses a rare glass sculpture beneath a wine glass chandelier. Moving through to the tasting room the wall was adored with further artwork.

Despite the grand surroundings the place has a great relaxed vibe.  Emma made her sample selections and we took a table on the patio outside overlooking the rose garden and lake.

The six tasting samples were brought to the table along with lunch. Craig went with the korma pie while Emma had the anti-pasto plate. Both were enjoyed immensely. Needing to spend a penny before leaving we visited the bathrooms. These were large sumptuous ensuite rooms, also decorated with original works of art and in keeping with the feel of the rest of the place.


Next stop was ‘Watershed’. We arrived just as a tour group was leaving.  We were grateful for the chance to receive one on one service as we had the place to ourselves.  Our server was very friendly and we chatted about the recent thunderstorms that had freaked us all out.


Our final port of call was ‘Voyager’. This vineyard was established in 1996 and has some beautiful gardens on the grounds. Emma again sampled some of the wine this time Craig could join in as they also offered sparkling grape juice.  He really liked it so we ended up buying some of that too.


By the end of the day the cellar (aka the rear car door pocket) had been fully restocked and we’d both had a great day.



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