Margaret River – Big Valley Campsite

The Cape Leeuwin to Cape Naturaliste region, known as Cape-to-Cape is famous for its wineries, of which there are many, but we had a great time checking out the other local attractions too.

We decided to stay near Margaret River which is about midway between the two Capes.  We found the Big Valley Campsite about 10km outside Margaret River township.


Big Valley is essentially a caravan park, but set on a working sheep farm.  As they were fully booked for the upcoming long weekend we set up in the overflow field. We were the only ones in the treeless paddock when three big electrical storms rolled through. Sheet lightning lit up the sky and illuminated the tent. We felt very vulnerable lying under canvas!  We weren’t struck by lightening and the canvas held so all was well in the morning, even if we didn’t get a great deal of sleep.

The next day after returning from the supermarket as had just finished stowing our groceries when a MASSIVE boom sounded above our heads. We both instinctively ducked and held our hands to our ears. We reckon that there must have been a simultaneous lightning strike and thunder-clap at the same time directly over us as the sound was deafening.

We decided not to hang about in camp if there was another storm rolling through so jumped in the car to search for a solid structure to shelter in for the afternoon.


View from our tent
View from our tent

Of course the immediate thought was to go to the pub! We headed back into town and found a seat at the Settlers Tavern. We both ordered a burger. We were both disappointed. The burger was bland and tasteless. At least it gave us somewhere to go as when we emerged from the pub the clouds had cleared and the sky had returned to its familiar shade of blue.

The camp held a social night on the Saturday. We’re not sure if this is a regular thing or whether it was just put on for the long weekend crowd.

A mobile pizza cart had been booked and there was live music. The atmosphere was great and most people who had ordered their pizza early seemed to be enjoying the night.


We were a little late to start and didn’t order a pizza until 6:30. We stood and watched patiently as the guys running the pizza cart sweated pushing the pizzas in and out of the oven. After an hour of waiting we asked how much longer our pizza would be. The abrupt response of ‘you’ll have to wait’ and that there were 14 other pizzas before our turn left us a bit stunned. There hadn’t been 14 pizzas put through the oven in the past hour so we reckoned we were in for at least another hour wait. We asked for our money back and returned to the tent for beans on toast as by this stage we were starving.

The camp hosts were very helpful and friendly and this was probably one of the best views we have experienced from our tent.

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