Top Ten Camping Tips

Now that we’ve been on the road for three months we thought we’d share our top ten camping tips.

1. Keep Your Tent Zipped

Yes mozzies and flies are annoying, and yes you can just give the tent a quick squirt of bug spray to take care of them if they have got in. But they’re not the only creepy crawlies to worry about!  We have had a number of big hairy huntsmen spiders crawling about on the outside of the tent and are not keen for them to find their way into our bed!  We’ve also heard plenty of other traveler tales about snakes and all sorts getting into tents.  So, ALWAYS keep your tent zipped.

2. Public Toilets

One big negative of living in a camper trailer is having to rely on public toilets (ick!) but don’t rely on public toilets being stocked with toilet paper!  Don’t get caught short – keep a mini packet of tissues in your pocket or handbag at all times.

3. Accessible Sunscreen

We all know the danger of over exposure to the sun and the need to wear sunscreen.  This includes when you arrive at a your destination and put the tent up.  It’s easy forget when keen to get set up and settled in, but will end in tears if sunburn occurs.  Keep your sunscreen so that it is easily accessible.  We keep ours in the drivers side door pocket of the car and always apply before putting up the tent.

4. A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place

When items are misplaced and go missing this is when arguments start!  To prevent these incidents everything has to have a home.  Most things have a home, and we try to put things back when done, but for the odd bits and pieces that have been left out we have a basket.  This is the first place to look if we can’t find something and usually circumvents niggles escalating to full blown rows.

5. Torch

We have a couple of torches so we can always find one.  There’s one in the glovebox of the car in case we need to investigate or repair anything on the road.  Another in the kitchen draw of the trailer.  And a third ‘in the basket’ which is usually relocated to the bed so we can have light for those midnight trips to the loo.

6. Travel Light

The more stuff you bring the more stuff has to be set up and then packed down.  It’s extra weight in the car which means extra fuel.  The best rule of thumb is that everything must have two purposes, or it’s left behind!

7. Wet Wipes

When you need to be self reliant on water, it’s best to conserve water for cooking and drinking and not use it for dishes and washing.  Wet wipes are an awesome and simple way to keep clean and refreshed without using precious water.  They are also bloody handy for all sorts of other uses.  Keep them handy.

8. Chat To People

Seriously, smile and say hello as you walk around camp.  The best tips always seem to come from other travellers or local knowledge.

9. Cable Ties and Duct Tape

These two little items will get you out of a lot of jams!  Throw in a can of WD40 and you have just about everything covered.

10.  Weather Forecast

Keep an eye on the upcoming weather forecast not only for the area that you are in, but for where you’re moving to next.  Being caught in a storm is never fun.

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