Kalbarri – Coast and Town


Kalbarri National Park – The Coast

Having explored the inland section of the park along the Murchison River, we checked out the coastal section.  Wind and waves have eroded the earth along the coastline in Kalbarri National Park to produce dramatic cliffs that plunge to the sea.

There are a series of lookouts built along the coast to observe some of the more spectacular landmarks. A well maintained, mainly flat walking trail links the lookouts.

The flies were slightly less annoying than inland, however we were both spluttering every time we almost inhaled one of the little buggers if we forgot to wear our fly net.

Even the locals were complaining about the number flies about, blaming them on the easterly wind blowing them in from inland. We’re not sure if they were pulling our leg.

Rainbow Jungle

After spending several days in the National Parks we decided to check out Rainbow Jungle parrot centre and were pleasantly surprised.

Wandering through the open aviary was a highlight with a myriad of different parrots perched in trees throughout. The magnificent macaws were also a highlight, but disappointing to see them confined to relatively small cages.



Kalbarri Town

As the brown floodwaters flowed out of the Murchison River and out into the ocean they discoloured the blue water of the bay. This phenomenon did at least highlight just how much water was flowing, although it did detract from what would have been a beautiful scene.

We stayed in the Tudor caravan park which is only a short walk from town. We can recommend the Kalbarri Hotel as we enjoyed a couple of drinks while waiting for their takeaway pizza.

Every night we had the raucous call of the galahs before they settled in for the night and the kangaroos made an evening pilgrimage across the road towards the grass of the football oval. It was a very pleasant park with a great swimming pool to cool down in after a long day of hiking.

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