Steep Point

After contacting the Department of Parks and Wildlife to book our visit and check the road conditions we filled up with fuel at the Overlander roadhouse petrol station and headed west.

For the last three months since passing Port Augusta, Craig has been telling Emma on a near daily basis that this is the furthest west he has ever been before. Emma was glad that this would be the last day he could say this as the destination for the day was Steep Point. The western most point on the Australian mainland and one of our bucket-list items.

About 40kms from the Overlander we reached the turn off and left the tarmac. The gravel road was in pretty good condition for around another 80kms. Then we passed the sign instructing us to reduce our tyre pressure to 20psi and engage 4WD.   The road ahead was now seriously corrugated and we wondered if it would be like this all the way to the end. Fortunately it wasn’t.

Shortly the road changed to soft sand and the Paj slipped and skidded along the track, but easily climbing the dunes and negotiating the corners. It is a single lane track and there were a few vehicles heading out so we had to be vigilant for on-coming traffic and pull over on occasion.

The dunes leveled out and we found ourselves driving along a beautiful stretch of beach before arriving at the rangers station. She advised us that the track to Steep Point was OK, but not to take the loop back down on the other side as we would be guaranteed to lose tyres and that a car yesterday had lost two. We decided we didn’t need the hassle of changing tyres or the cost for new ones.

The next section of track was a combination of mogul-like bumps and rocky sections before arriving at our destination.

We stopped for photos, wrote in the book and had some lunch before heading back.

There are some beautiful beach camping spots along the section near the rangers station, but as it was approaching easter they were pretty busy and we weren’t able to stay so we headed back down the peninsula.

Before we left we stopped in at the blow holes. There is no fencing or signage we just drove up got out and walked to the ledge. The sea was swirling and pitching, throwing up some fantastic displays for us.

Although we had taken the Max Trax and other recover gear, we headed back to camp without event, stopping only to pump the tyres back up, having had a satisfying but tiring day.


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