Karijini National Park – Part 2

Weano Gorge

Weano Gorge is about 50kms from Dales Gorge Camp. The luxury Eco Lodge is also located here – although for twice the price of Dale’s camp they can’t even guarantee hot water. Most of the way is on bitumen if entering the park from the highway, but we took the dirt road between the two gorges.

There are a number of walks in this gorge and we were keen to try them.

Weano Gorge Hike

This hike is along a class 4 trail. We started following the trail along the top of the gorge before decending into the gorge and returning through the gorge itself.

The trail then turns into a class 5 hike for the Handrail Pool

The Handrail Pool

After hiking down the hill on unstable rock we reached the edge of the river that we needed to wade across before progressing down the gorge to the circular pool. Unfortunately Craig’s knee was playing up after the previous day’s efforts and he chose to wait rather than aggravating it further on the class 5 trail.

Emma removed her hiking boots and waded across the water and then used the cliff edges to track further down the gorge. Once though the water the trail zig-zagged down the gorge, occasionally using stepping stones, but mostly walking on a rocks smoothed by water flowing over them.

The final section of the trail is through a narrow gorge. Walking on the smooth rock with the rapidly flowing water, using arms on both walls to hold steady. A handrail has been fixed to the wall to assist in entering the swimming hole. This round pool is surrounded by high cliff walls. The sun streams in in a narrow beam, creating a spotlight on the cool green water.

Resting on a ledge, Em took a moment to appreciate the amazing spectacle created by nature before returning

Junction Pool and Oxer Lookouts

We saved the easier class 2 and 3 trails for the end of the day as we were feeling a bit weary. Junction Pool and Oxeter Lookouts are short 30 minute trails along fairly easy ground ending in viewing platforms that overlook the spectacular gorge formations.

There was one other walk in Weano Gorge called Kermit Pool, but as it was a class 5 we decided to skip it and returned to the car.

Joffre Falls

Although there are trails to trek to the bottom of the gorge, we stuck with the short walk along the rim of the gorge to the look out point. The cliff is shaped in a concave arc that is covered by a wall of water as it falls to the gorge floor.

Knox Gorge

This spectacular look out overlooks the intersection of four gorges.  We watched a group of walkers walk down

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