Karijini National Park – Part 3

Kalamina Gorge

Kalamina Gorge is about halfway between our campsite at Dales Gorge and Weano Gorge, and is probably one of our favourites in the area.

We spent a couple of hours of leisurely bushwalking through the gorge and back. Starting with the decent into the gorge we turned left and shortly arrived at a small waterfall. Beautiful but nowhere near as spectacular as others in the area. Returning along the same path we then traversed further down the gorge, criss crossing along the small creek that flows along the floor.

There are many beautiful views along the gorge walls and stream. We were lucky to spot a lizard that darted out from a crack in the gorge wall for a drink before speedily returning when he realized our presence.

We found a ledge in the shade and enjoyed our lunch before returning along the same track to the car. Apart from a few people at the waterfall at the start of the walk, we hadn’t seen any other people during the walk.

Hammersley Gorge

Described as one of the jewels of Karijini National Park we were excited to visit Hammersley Gorge.

About an hours drive from our camp (we had to exit the park and drive around as the internal road was still closed due to the recent rains) we arrived at Hammersely Gorge.

Despite the day starting with the same clear blue skies by the time with arrived at Hammersely Gorge the sky had clouded over and become very overcast.

We headed down into the gorge and started to follow the trail upstream. Although we could see that the rock walls would be spectacular in the right light, they were somewhat dulled without the sunshine.

The trail requires hikers to walk chest deep in the water to reach the final gorge. With the cool temperatures and overcast clouds that looked like they might rain we decided not to continue and returned to camp.

We had thought we might return when the weather was improved, however Craig’s knees objected to the amount of strenuous hiking we’d been doing so in the end we missed seeing Hammersley Gorge in its prime.  Guess it’s just one more reason for us to come back to this stunning place.




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