Karratha & Dampier

Karratha is located on the Pilbara coastline.  It is another town that has thrived and grown with Australia’s mining boom.  Every house in this area seemed to have a 4X4 and boat or caravan in the driveway.

Once our little car drama had been resolved, we were keen to check out what else the region had in store for us.


Dampier is home to the tribute to Red Dog.  This dog’s remarkable story was made into a movie ‘Red Dog’ staring Josh Lucas and Rachael Taylor.  If you haven’t seen it we recommend you check it out.

We ventured up to the port, however (we later discovered) that all the ships had moved out to see in expectation of a big storm coming through, so there was no activity when we passed through.

With the weather turning cold and wet again we decided to check out Hullaballoo Cafe where we got a great coffee and delicious cake.

Murujuga National Park

The 100th national park in Western Australia has been home to aboriginals for thousands of years as evidenced by the rock art found here.  When we first arrived we weren’t sure what to look for a spent some time walking without seeing.  Once we spotted one, we saw heaps of these images all across the rocks.


We also spent a day in town glad of having some larger shops for a change.  Cyclone Quang was blowing down Exmouth and Karratha was on the tail end of the accompanying rains.  We had headed to the pub on Friday night to watch the footy. We had forgotten that Victoria had ended their daylight savings and mis-calculated the time difference so turned up an hour before kick-off.  After having a few drinks it started to rain.  The downpour continued getting heavier and heavier.  We hadn’t seen rain like it.  There was finally a break and we quickly jumped in a cab and returned to camp, dreading what we would find.

The tent canvas was sagging under the weight of water that was pooling on the roof.  The inside was mostly dry, with only some water coming through the canvas where it meets the poles.  We pushed off the water on the roof and laid some newspaper and towels where the leaks were.  Checking the radar it didn’t seem that there would be much more so headed back to the pub to catch the last half of the footy.

Over night there were a few more showers, but the tent held up.


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