Point Sampson

Point Sampson

We didn’t travel far when leaving Karratha, heading only 56 kilometres east to Point Sampson.  This small and quiet town started out as a fisherman settlement and this is still the primary industry today.

After setting up in the caravan park in the heat of the day we went for a short stroll down to the beach before finding ourselves at the pub.  The bar is located upstairs to take advantage of the amazing views.  We enjoyed a couple of drinks before heading back to camp to cook ourselves dinner.


The next day we checked out the remains of the town of Cossack.  A once thriving town based on the pearling industry, now all that remains are a few building ruins and the old courthouse that has been restored and now houses some relics of the old era.

We drove back to Point Sampson through the towns of Roebourne and Wickham but didn’t find anything of interest worth stopping.

In the evening we returned to Cossack to witness the phenomenon known as ‘Stiarcase to the moon”.  This occurs along the Pilbara coast on certain days of the year when there is a full moon and the tide is out.  The moonlight reflects off the exposed mud flats to create an illusion of a staircase.

We chatted happily with other travellers who had congregated at the lookout point and watched the sun set and the moon rise before headings back to camp at Point Sampson.

Having heard rave reviews of the fish ‘n’ chips when we were in Karratha we decided they must be worth checking out.  Located downstairs from the pub, the shop is also the kitchen that supplies meals upstairs as well as a variety of take-out options.  We went with fish ‘n’ chips and agree that they were the best we’ve had in a long while.  If you’re in the area, you should definitely try them out.



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