Eighty Mile Beach

Leaving Point Sampson we stopped for fuel at Port Hedland before continuing along the Great Northern Highway. There’s not a lot to see along this stretch apart from the occasional cow.

We decided to stop at Eighty Mile Beach for the night. The caravan park is located right on the beachfront.  As we were only staying overnight it did not take too long to get set up as we didn’t bother with the annex.

There was a cooling breeze, which made taking a walk along the beach quite pleasant despite the lack of cloud cover.

As the name suggests this white sand beach stretches for miles. Although you can drive on the beach we’d had enough driving for the day so didn’t bother. Again this is a popular fishing spot for good reason as we met a few people that had such good hauls we were offered free fish.

We sat on the beach to watch the sun go down over the ocean and we were wowed with one of the best sunsets we’ve seen so far.

The caravan park office also houses a cafe that seemed to have a fairly decent menu, the burgers being consumed by some of the customers on the veranda certainly looked tempting but we stuck to our budget for once and stuck with the food we’d brought with us.

The next morning Craig surprised Emma with a delicious coffee from the cafe but this good deed wasn’t without an ulterior motive.  He just wanted her to get up and moving so that we wouldn’t be arriving in Broome too late in the day.


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