Broome – Part 2

Gantheaume Point – Dinosaur Footprints

We checked the tides and found we had only one opportunity to see the dinosaur footprints at Point Gantheaume during our stay so we were up and out at the break of dawn the next day.

Footprints fossilized in the mud from a variety of dinosaurs can only be seen at very low tide.   We carefully made our way over the slightly slippery rocks and scouted around. We missed the large round footprints of the Sauropod, but found the three-toed prints left by the Meglosauropus clearly.

Courthouse Markets

We treated ourselves to breakfast in town before heading to Courthouse Markets that run every Saturday and Sunday during dry season. Unfortunately the majority of stalls were the same that we’d browsed at the Staircase night markets, so it didn’t take us long to do the rounds.

Cable Beach

In the afternoon we headed over to Cable Beach. Named such as this is the location that the telegraph line from Indonesia came ashore, connecting Australia to the world in 1889. Now is widely known for the camel rides.

The beach is wide and flat with an easy gradient into the ocean. Sun loungers, umbrellas and paddleboards were available for hire.

After lazing about on the beach for most of the day we went back to camp to clean up and have something to eat before heading back to view the sunset. The relaxed beach atmosphere had gone when we returned. There were numerous groups enjoying picnics along the grassy area and a group practicing their bongo drums lent the area an almost party vibe instead. Everyone watched as the sun set over the water and the trains of camels return from their evening trek along the beach.


We’d heard good things about Matso’s Brewery so were excited to check it out. When we saw they had a beer called ‘Hit The Toad’ we had to try it. We also sampled some of their famous ‘Mango Beer’ which was both unusal and refreshingand Em tried their ciders, but Hit the Toad was definitely our favourite.

We ordered lunch and enjoyed the cooling breeze from the overhead fans as we sat on the veranda overlooking the beer garden surrounded by its tropical plants. The food didn’t take too long to arrive and was very tasty.

Although most of the beers brewed at Matso’s are bottled and can be purchased for take away, we were disappointed to find out that ‘Hit the Toad’ cannot be bottled and can only be sold on tap at Matso’s in Broome. We reckon it alone is worth a visit to Broome!

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