Side Trip: England

Side Trip: England

Yep, you read that right. We interrupted our tour of Australia for a quick visit to old Blighty to attend Craig’s sister’s wedding.

There were a few logistical details to arrange. All our possessions were packed into the car and trailer save a single suitcase between us and entrusted to the care of Keshi Storage in Broome.

We then booked into an overnight van at the caravan park. The next morning our camping neighbor Nev gave us a lift to the airport. After checking in with plenty of time to spare we grabbed ourselves some breakfast.

We flew Qantas Broome to Perth to our connecting flight. Catching the transfer bus from the domestic terminal to the international terminal seemed to take ages, but in reality was quite quick, we were just a bit worried as we had a very tight timeline. We were lucky not to have to queue to go through customs and proceeded straight to the gate where our plane was already boarding – no time for duty free shopping.

The flight from Perth to Dubai was with Emirates, and was always a long slow flight. The plane seemed to be at least half empty so we were able to stretch out a bit. The inflight movie system got a work out.

Changing planes at Dubai was similar to Perth except this time there was a train between terminals. We managed to catch a few zees on the flight from Dubai to London before being ejected from the blur of airports at Gatwick 25 hours after we started in Broome.

We were pretty jet lagged so after a short walk into town we decided to have an afternoon nap. We didn’t wake up until 5am the following morning.

It had been almost five years since our last visit, so we spent most of our time going out for meals or drinks with family and friends. Finally the reason for our trip came around – Keeley and Phil’s wedding.

The ceremony was lovely and the following celebration went off without a hitch. We had a fabulous time and spent the night drinking, dancing and catching up with Craig’s extended family.

All too soon our ten days were up and we were back on the airplane for the return journey, arriving back in Broome at about 6pm where we had another on-site van booked for the night. We ordered a pizza and crashed.

The next morning we collected the car and set up camp for a few days to get over our jetlag again before heading off on the next chapter of our adventures.

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