Daly Waters Pub

The Daly Waters pub is a crazy little place in the middle of nowhere. The interior is festooned with a variety of bras, ID cards, hats, thongs, T-shirts, foreign currency etc.  Outside you can find the most remote traffic lights in Australia, the thong tree and goodness knows what else!

We pulled up at the Daly Waters pub around lunchtime. The street was chock-a-block packed with cars and caravans. We barely found somewhere to park and headed into the pub where we booked in. We drove down to the gate where we were escorted to our campsite.

We set up the tent in scorching sun before sauntering back to the bar for a cool beverage. Finding a pozzie at the bar we had another drink or two before deciding that we were unlikely to cook so booked a meal at the nightly barbecue.

The afternoon wore on and the evening began. A life performer was in house belting out the classics and we were called to dinner. We grabbed our plate with a great looking steak and headed over to the generous salad bar and loaded up.

All of the outdoor tables had been taken in the course of the afternoon so we headed back inside and found a table to eat our meal. Conversation at the bar got more and more outlandish. Then the barmaid called out that ‘Nutbush’ was the next song up and was rounding up everyone to dance. Em bolted outside to get her boogie on.

The end of the live music signaled the end of our night having started earlier than most and we stumbled back to camp to crash having enjoyed a fantastic night.

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