Alice Springs

After a long day of driving we arrived in Alice Springs late in the afternoon. We chose the first caravan park we came to and set up the tent. Checking the weather forecast, we discovered the prediction was for a low of -2°C over night. It had been a long time since we had felt cold like that, and we were going to be in a tent!

By the time we finished cooking dinner the temperature had started to fall. By the time we’d finished eating and done the dishes it was decidedly chilly. Exhausted from the long days drive we prepared for an early night. Layering on just about every item of clothing we owned, from socks to beanie hats we rugged up tight. Finally we boiled the kettle and filled our hot water bottles.

The next morning we were stiff and sore having slept tensely in the foetal position trying to preserve all available warmth. It turned out the overnight low had reached -4.7°C

As the day wore on the sun came out and we enjoyed a lovely sunny afternoon. Unfortunately we had errands to run and spent most of the time going from store to store. The camping store, the hardware store, the supermarket and bottle shop before heading back to camp to face another chilly night (only -2° this time).

As we were now restocked and prepared for the next week or so we decided to do something touristy and headed for the Alice Springs Desert Park. This park is definitely worth the entrance fee. We spent hours here, even though we managed to miss the presentations that were on while we were there. The desert really is alive with more wildlife than you’d expect. We especially enjoyed the house for the nocturnal animal enclosures.

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