The Red Centre Way

Simpson Gap

We set off from Alice Springs, the first stop on our itinerary was Simpson Gap. A short easy walk from the car park brings you to the stunning gap that is home to a waterhole and a mob of black footed rock wallabies. The wallabies blend in amazingly well into the rocky background, but were easy enough to spot when they moved.

After spending some time watching these cute little marsupials we took off a short way back up the road and set out on the Cassia Hill walk. Around a 2km return walk to the top of the hill where we met with the amazing vista of the surrounding area.

Standley Chasm

Traditionally a sacred women’s place the traditional owners have opened this location to visitors. We paid the $10 entrance fee and were advised not to dawdle so we would catch the light streaming into the chasm. It was a short pleasant walk to reach the chasm where we just caught the end of the light as the sun passed overhead. We stuck around and took a few more photos before heading back to the car.

Ellery Creek Big Hole

We managed to get in just in time to nab the last campsite. After setting up camp we wandered over to the swimming hole. Although the day was warm it wasn’t quite hot enough to tempt us into the water, although there were a few brave souls taking the plunge.

There is another walking trail here, but this is one we didn’t do.  Happily the overnight temperature wasn’t as cold as we’d been experiencing in Alice and we managed to finally get a restful night sleep.

Serpentine Gorge

We stopped in at Serpentine Gorge and had a look around. Making the short walk up to the lookout at the top of the hill before walking through the gorge itself.

Finke River – Two Mile Campsite

A fabulous campsite on the bank of the Finke River. We loved this place so much that we ended up staying for three nights. We met some fellow travellers from Victoria and spent a couple of pleasant evenings around the campfire as well as enjoying a roast from the camp oven. It proved to be a great base to explore more of the region.

Ormiston Gorge

We did the pound walk, which is a trail that showcases the crater hole landscape before looping back through the gorge.  It took us around three hours to complete the walk and was one of our most enjoyable bush walks we’d done in a long time.  Having an even path beneath our feet meant we could spend more time looking around and enjoying the scenery.   After taking us through the open landscape the trail finishes through the gorge and ending at the ghost gum waterhole.

Glen Helen Gorge

A brief stop and a ten minute walk down to the water. Compared to the other gorges in the area this was not as spectacular.

Mount Sonder Lookout

We had seen Mt Sonder in the full range of weather from shrouded in clouds to bathed in sunlight and rain. Yes we were rained on in the middle of the desert! Although you can walk to the top we decided to take the easy way out and drove up.

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