The town of Rockhampton is situated on the banks of the Fitzroy River. The main industry in this area is beef, in tribute there are cow statues dotted about town.

We visited the spire for the tropic of Capricorn at the visitor centre. It was our fourth and final time that we passed the Tropic of Capricorn. Also known as the Southern Tropic, this is the most southern circle of latitude that the sun can be directly overhead (during the southern summer solstice). South of this point is classed as southern temperate area.

Next we headed over to the botanical gardens. Within the gardens there is a small zoo, which is free to enter. We enjoyed wandering around and checking out the animals up close. Although after not spotting a cassowary in the wild, we were disappointed that their enclosure was closed as it was breeding season.

We hit the city centre for lunch and found ourselves in the funky café known as Giddy Goat. Feeling refreshed after some sustenance we took in some of the heritage architecture before enjoying a walk along the riverfront.

We took the advice of the visitor centre and followed the scenic tourist route drive out to Yeppoon and Emu Bay. The sun was out and so were the local yacht club juniors when we arrived at Yeppoon where we stretched our legs with a casual stroll on the beach.

We followed the coastal road down to Rosslyn Bay, the departure point for the ferry to Great Keppel Island. We stopped and had a coffee at the beachside café before walking down to the waters edge.

Next stop was Emu Park, a small seaside town that was bustling with people enjoying their holiday.   We had some lunch and checked out the centennial ANZAC memorial before heading back to Rocky.

Before we headed back to camp we decided to head up to the Mount Archer lookout where we could see the sprawl of Rockhampton.

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