Hervey Bay

We were disappointed that we couldn’t stay at 1770 or Agnes Waters, as they were both fully booked (damn school holidays!). Instead we decided to head to Hervey Bay.

However first we made a short detour and stopped by at the mystery craters. Halfway between Gin Gin and Bundaberg.  A farmer first discovered the craters back in the 1971 when ploughing a field. The local university has since studied them, but the origin of these 35 oddly shaped craters has never been determined.

Having made the detour we paid the $9.50 entrance fee each. We climbed the viewing platform and viewed the craters from above whilst listening to the audio recording explain the history of the craters.  It was actually pretty good.

We then wandered the grounds and checked out the fairy garden and ‘museum’ of old farm equipment. Craig shook hands with the giant dinosaur before we left and continued down to Hervey Bay.


We stayed in Torquay, a beach side suburb of Hervey Bay. Our days consisted of taking walks on the beach, visiting the local pub and generally kicking back and taking it easy in this beautiful location.

Craig had his hair cut by the local barber who described Hervey Bay as for ‘the newly wed and the nearly dead’ but we really enjoyed it.

Hervey Bay is famous for whale watching but we’d heard that the whales were heading south again and we’d be better off viewing them from a town further south. The other extremely popular attraction here is to visit Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world. We had taken a day tour and visited the island previously and were keen to take the car over and have a drive on the beaches ourselves. Unfortunately, once again due to school holidays we weren’t able to get a camping permit, so decided not to go at all. Later on facebook we saw photos that showed the beach to be packed with four-wheel drives lined up like a city car park and we glad we hadn’t spent the money on visiting during a busy period. So it’s still on our bucketlist to visit another time.


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