Preparation Progress


3 months to go until departure day. . . .


So soon and yet so far *sigh*. It seems too long when we’re yearning to be on the road RIGHT NOW [stamps feet]. But so soon when we think about how much preparation we still have to do!

We’ve been preparing to list our house for lease. We’ve signed up an agent and are now getting around to all those little odd maintenance jobs. You know, replacing tap washers and light bulbs. Washing down those dirty finger prints around the light switches and tending to the weeds in the garden.

Emma spent some time de-cluttering the wardrobe with the result of three black bags of clothes and umpteen pairs of shoes donated to the Salvation Army and another bag of clothes in the bin. It’s made it a lot easier to see what’s left too. Next to tackle is the linen and kitchen cupboards.

Craig has been sorting out stuff in the garage, but there’s so much crap in there we’re going to get a skip before we can really do much more in there. Craig’s also spent some time re-organising the camper trailer’s 12v electric system to reduce the spaghetti junction like wiring we had going on.

The camper trailer is currently being serviced. Changing the axle from round to square (same size) for additional strength along with getting a spare set of bearings and having the brakes serviced.

The car hasn’t been ignored either. The roof rack is on and we’ve now added a side awning and purchased an LED light bar ready for installation. Craig’s been researching what recovery gear we need and has booked the car in for the installation of the bullbar and winch in a couple of weeks time. Fingers crossed that we won’t need to do anything to the suspension too.

All our conversations seem to be about the trip. Discussion around what else needs to be done, how the savings are tracking, where to go for a shake down trip, four wheel drive courses, packing lists, and finalising the itinerary and bookings for January. . . the list seems to go ever on.

Sometimes it feels exhausting. . . but we’ve got our eye on the prize, stuff keeps getting crossed off that list and the clock runs steadily towards our departure date.

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