Packing List: Clothing

Hello dear readers,

We were all set to tell you about our new bullbar and winch (which we’re really excited about), when before we could take any decent photos some bugger nicked the wheels off our car! (more on that at a later date).

IMG_2825 IMG_2828

So the car is off with the insurance company getting new wheels put on.  As we didn’t have our car, we couldn’t pick up our trailer which has had it’s axle strengthened and a general service (breaks, bearings etc) so we haven’t been able to do our trial pack yet.

Instead we’ve been going crazy making lists.  To do lists, packing lists, shopping lists . . . you get the idea.  So today we bring you part one of our comprehensive camping packing list.


Camping Clothing

Generally speaking when you’re going camping you’re operating on limited packing space, but you need to cater for all weather conditions – even in summer it can get pretty cold at night.  As we’re planning on being away for a whole year, we need to pack for all weather conditions, but as we’re limiting ourselves to a collapsible cupboard/wardrobe each so need to pack carefully.

Is this wardrobe big enough for a year’s worth of clothes?

Generally we’ll be following the warmer weather, so more T-shirts and shorts than long trousers and jumpers.  Clothing needs to be hard wearing and practical – loose wispy fabrics and knits are going to have threads pulled and look rubbish in no time.  Apart from a couple of specific items like hiking boots and fleece jacket, we won’t be spending out the big bucks for the ‘specialised’ outdoor clothing brands.

We estimate that we’ll be in a caravan park to do washing about once a week, but can do a small amount of hand washing if needed, so we’re trying to have about a weeks worth of clothes to cover activities like bush walks and checking out tourist attractions in town, with the occasional pub meal thrown in.  There won’t be any money for ritzy restaurants so won’t need dressy clothes and of course we won’t need our work clothes (Yay!).



3-4 x shorts

1 x blue denim jeans

1 x tracksuit pants (can double to sleep in)



7 x T-shirts or singlets

1 x long sleeve shirt (can double as light jacket)

Fleece Vest (perfect for that in-between weather, or early morning chill)

Wet weather jacket

Long sleeve fleece jacket – (we love our Vigilante brand)


Note: mostly the bottoms are a dark colour and tops are light colour – any bottom can be worn with any top



bras, sports bra, crop top

7 x underpants

2 x thick hiking socks

2 x sport ankle socks

Long sleeve thermal top




Hiking Boots

Walking Sandals

Running Shoes




Beanie hat

Wide brim sun hat (squashable)





Sarong (can double as towel)



We’re not taking anything too valuable.  Emma is taking a few pairs of earrings, then we’ll each have a watch and our wedding rings.  Anything we’re not wearing will be stored in an old small sweets tin – a tip Emma picked up when backpacking.



We have separate toiletry bags as we quite often want to both shower at the same time when in caravan parks, but there’s no point listing the contents separately as they’re mostly duplicates.

Again we’re trying to travel light so Emma has been growing her hair into a low-care style that can be tied back when needed (no hair-driers, straighteners, hairspray or anything – eek!)






Hairbrush / Comb

(elastic hair ties)

Face washer [aka flannel]

Face wash gel



Soap (a solid block, not the body wash gel type)


Wet wipes

Nail clippers


Sanitary products

Headtube/buff – Emma has a Kathmandu one, but this youtube video is great at demonstrating different uses:


Insect repellent

Sunscreen (we actually keep this in the pocket of the car door so it’s easily accessible – a tip we learnt after getting VERY burnt while setting up camp one time, making the rest of the weekend uncomfortable)


We’ll bring you packing lists for camping equipment, first aid kit, pets camping and the staples of our food box later so stay tuned.



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