Port Lincoln and Surrounds

Port Lincoln

The town of Port Lincoln is located at the bottom of the Eyre Peninsula. The town is situated on a bay which is lovely except for the great big ugly grain loading dock! There is a walking track along the esplanade with markers depicting the different kind of fishing vessels that may be spotted on the water.  The jetty was pretty good for a stroll too.

The main tourist attraction is the opportunity to swim with the great white sharks with tours offering cage diving trips.  If you’re not a fan of the sharks there are also tours to swim with the Sealions or Tuna.  Due to a combination of cost, weather and lack of interest we decided not to blow our budget on any of these trips, although we did hear rave reviews from our of our follow campers about the shark cage experience. 

We stayed in the caravan park which is located right on the water and there were lots of keen fishermen taking advantage of the jetty.  The eldest son of our next door neighbour caught a good size fish, but as he was gutting it and turned to throw the innards to the seagulls to his left, a pelican swooped in on his right and took the fish!

We stayed in the caravan park for a week and used this as base to explore the nearby Lincoln and Coffin Bay National Parks.  Unfortunately we didn’t enjoy this area as much as we’d hoped as the constant wind made for fitful nights due to the noise of flapping canvas.

There is a good range of shops in the town so we stocked up on supplies and Craig go some maintenance done on both the car and trailer.


Coffin Bay

It was Sunday market day when we checked out Coffin Bay township.  There wasn’t much to it, just a few stalls in the local hall selling cakes and preserves and the usual stuff.  It didn’t take us long to browse around.  We went with Georgie and Ash who we had met at the caravan park and got on like a house on fire.  So we agreed when they suggested a game of mini-golf even though neither of us had played in YEARS.  We had a scream and Craig even won thanks to his hole in one.



Ash and Georgie had to return to pack up their camper as they were heading back to Adelaide that night.  We carried on and and had a look around the area.

Coffin Bay is famed for it’s oysters, most of which are sold to restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney, some going overseas.









Tumby Bay

Tumby Bay is north of Port Lincoln.  We took a look around the town and followed the sea side walk along the foreshore with some markers to note points of historic interest.  In general our impression was that this was once a vibrant and affluent town was in decline. Feeling a bit tired we stopped at the cafe for a snack.  It had been a while since we’d had a good coffee and this place finally delivered (and the cake was pretty awesome too).



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